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Foundation Phase, Grade 1-3 

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Why Waldorf Education?

The holistic approach of Waldorf Education to teaching is one of the many reasons why it is one of the fastest growing movements in the world today. It takes into account body, soul and spirit and the objective is to teach the whole human being according to its individual needs. All teaching is immersed in the Seven Lively Arts and in Waldorf this is understood to be the following: Drama, Drawing, Movement, Music, Modeling, Painting and Speech. The benefits of this approach are manifold. Not only does it strengthen will and resilience but it deepens emotional intelligence. It awakens and inspire deeper soul capacities such as social connection, observation, deductive and creative thinking skill and enables a human being to live a deeper quality life imbued with meaning, purpose and love.

The Waldorf Curriculum has been developed with the developmental phases of children in mind. It complements, reflects and meets children where they are at, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Children respond to this method of teaching naturally and learning becomes a time of inspiration and joy for both the teacher and the child.

History has shown that the Waldorf approach has been particularly successful in teaching mathematics to children. We need to remember that young children have not yet developed the capacity to think abstractly. So when Arithmetic in Waldorf schools is presented in the form of the Seven Lively Arts children respond naturally and enthusiastically. Learning about numbers becomes a fascinating journey inspiring teachers and children alike.

Unfortunately, most schools and teachers present math to young children intellectually. Interest and enthusiasm wane and often result in the child being forced to do math. As a result many negative associations start here and can escalate in some cases to the point, where children who otherwise would have been good at math, become completely unable to do math at all. The reason not being their ability but their aversion towards numbers. This is nothing less than a tragedy since mathematics is one of the most beautiful languages the Creator has given us to comprehend the underlying harmony and perfection of this beautiful world we call our home.

Rudolf Steiner  was an Austrian-German scientist and philosopher and the founder of Waldorf Education.

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The Seven Lively Arts: A Way of Teaching

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An Overview of the Waldorf Arithmetic Curriculum – Foundation Phase, Grade 1-3

The Quality of Numbers eBook

This ebook will be based on my blog The Quality of Numbers and it will be available as a download in addition to What Are Numbers? Audio CD and What Are Numbers? Songbook. Together these three items will be the perfect complement for a teacher or a homeschooling parent to teach children about the quality of numbers for the first time.



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