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A warm welcome to all moms, dads and teachers. This site is all about helping teachers and parents to build a solid foundation in arithmetic (math) in young children – and to do so with joy and inspiration.

Adults are intellectual beings and sometimes struggle to comprehend that a young child learning to count for the first time has no idea what one is…or two or three for that matter. They explain numbers to children intellectually assuming the child can think and argue like they do.

The important thing to remember is that young children do not think intellectually at all. If you look at the developmental phases of the growing human being as defined by Rudolf Steiner, causal (intellectual) thinking only really starts during puberty. Imagine trying to explain something to someone in a foreign language that they don’t understand. Then you will gain an idea of what the young ones are facing when presented with intellectual concepts. They will memorize whatever math they are given and even do well but there will be no real understanding of the mathematical activities. The numbers will belong to a mysterious world that just doesn’t make any sense.

Unfortunately, most schools and teachers present math to young children intellectually. Interest and enthusiasm wane and often result in the child being forced to do math. As a result many negative associations toward math start here and can escalate in some cases to the point, where children who otherwise would have been good at math, become completely unable to do math at all. The reason not being their ability but their aversion towards numbers. This is nothing less than a tragedy since mathematics is one of the most beautiful languages the Creator has given us to comprehend the underlying harmony and perfection of this beautiful world we call our home.

The importance of a solid foundation in arithmetic (math)

Everything in math builds on the foundation that was laid in the early years. If the foundation is lacking, cracks will show all the way up to high school graduation and the student will suffer greatly not knowing why he/she finds math so difficult and hard.

Waldorf education has the answer to this dilemma. It presents mathematical concepts in the context of every day life happenings and tasks. Math classes are practical and imbued with the arts for instance story telling, singing, verses, drawing, painting, drama, movement etc. This captures the child’s emotional being and interest. Everything is viewed from the bigger picture first and children eventually learn to understand that mathematics is a fascinating language, describing laws and actions relevant to their own lives and the universe around them. (Blog)

When teachers and parents apply Waldorf teaching methods correctly most kids respond and thrive. They are happy, interested, intrigued and enjoy numbers and math as they would one of their favorite subjects.


We are very proud and excited to present the educational audio CD:  What Are Numbers?

Introduce numbers one to twelve to kids for the first time using captivating stories and beautiful songs!



Content is based on the well loved teacher resource ‘Putting the Heart Back into Teaching’ by Stan Maher and Yvonne Bleach. Please click on the image for more information.


What we have in store for the future…

– A comprehensive discussion and layout of the Waldorf Arithmetic Curriculum – Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3)

– A three-year teaching plan to incorporate all aspects.

– Lesson plans and content

– Stories

– Songs

– Illustrations

– Games

– Clapping rhythms

– Free resources