My name is Lydia Jansen van Vuuren. I am a qualified Waldorf teacher living in a beautiful picturesque coastal town called Still Bay in the Western Cape in South Africa. I have spent ten years in Waldorf primary education actively teaching. During this time I developed a passion for the creative methods that Waldorf education use to bring math and numbers to children. As a kid I know how the education system failed me in teaching me mathematics. Even though I took it to varsity level I didn’t understand how mathematics connected to real life. The mathematical concepts were dead and lifeless. When I encountered Waldorf education and I started to do research to prepare for my math classes I realized that this was different. At last here was a system who explained the why behind the math. The flame was lit in my heart and mind and the math concepts started living. Something was revealed to me – so beautiful – that it cannot be expressed in words. The process healed me from blocks towards math I still carried with me from childhood. I witnessed how well children responded to these methods. There was a love and an interest in numbers being cultivated that far exceeded traditional methods of teaching. During my years of teaching I achieved considerable success and my arithmetic and mathematics class average was always high above the general average. I feel very blessed that I am now in a position where I am able to share my knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope that many children will benefit and learn that math is not something to be scared of but a beautiful language to be enjoyed and marveled at.

In my free time I compose and play music. I often take long walks on the beach enjoying the beauty of my surroundings. I love nature and animals and have a cat called Jasmine. I am sharing a house with my mom and we live next to a beautiful nature reserve. Often we have little bucks and other small animals visiting us. There are also owls and we often hear their haunting call in the early hours of the morning.